High Speed

NEXCOM offers outstanding 2 megapixel ANPR/LPR cameras which are ideal for highway application. The ANPR/LPR camera is designed for reflective and non-reflective license plate recognition on moving vehicles at 0~250KM/h (0~155mph). With global shutter, the ANPR/LPR camera can capture the image without spatial distortion when the object is moving on the high speed, and further enhance the accuracy of license plate recognition.

Product Model Name Resolution Lens Main Features Form Factor
92c9f09b-521f-4c11-8a90-dc2bf32830c9 NCb-231 1080P
@ 50fps
CS Mount - Global Shutter
- Reflective/
- Car Speed:
- 3.5mm phone
- D/Ix2, D/Ox2
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